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Baby Boomer Love on Valentine's Day

Out of nearly 400 entries, an essay written by an American wife, mother and grandmother living in Germany, came out on top. The contest was sponsored by Baby Boomer Author Beverly Mahone ( and The grand prize winner receives a 3-day, 2-night mini vacation package to one of 26 destinations in the U.S.

"After thirty-two years of marriage, my hubby is still romantic. He doesn’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to light candles, bring home flowers, cook elaborate dinners or give me a massage…" is how contest winner Angelika Schwarz begins her winning essay. She was one of nearly 400 baby boomer women who submitted entries for the first-of-a-kind contest.

In 250 words or less, baby boomer women were invited to write an essay on what advice they would give baby boomer men to help them prepare for an "exceptionally romantic" Valentine’s Day with their mates. The judges selected for this contest were five baby boomer men who were selected at random by Talks2Bev organizer and baby boomer expert, Beverly Mahone. "I thought it would be a great idea to have middle aged men read what middle aged women are thinking about when it comes to romance," says Ms. Mahone.

After all of the initial entries were read, the field was narrowed down to a total of 11 finalists. Author Debra-Shiveley Welch from Ohio, Author Linda J. Alexander Maryland, Writers Diane Tegarden and Dana Hall California and Nita Lopez of Washington State, Gospel Recording Artist Jenniefer Evans and Author Jaisun McMillian of North Carolina and Poet Eve Hall of Georgia. But in the end, the winning essay came from Angelika Schwarz, a native of Boston, who now makes her home in Germany. Her description of her husband wooed the judges:

"I see in the shadows of the night, his silhouette bending over our grandchild’s crib, as he sings in deep whispered tones an old German lullaby.
Watching him laugh with his sons, till tears of merriment roll down his cheeks.
I see the flicker of admiration and love in his eyes when I just happen to look up at him. I feel the warm palm of his hand, as he lays it on the small of my back as we cross a street."

In addition to, other sponsors for the contest were Sonshine Travel,, Business Resources Podcast Directory,,, Veriuni All Natural Products, My Little Taste of Italy, The Secrets of Prosperity with Kim Emerson, WECAI Network, Healthy Women’s Network, Gano Excel Coffee & Tally Green.

To view the winners and their essays Ms. Mahone invites you to visit her website at: and she laughs and says "Purchase a copy of my book while you’re there!"


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