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This Baby Boomer Diva is Getting Sick of Oprah!

When Oprah first came onto the national talk show circuit, I was one of her biggest fans. I accepted her weight, bad hairdos and all. I supported her when she went through her yo-yo dieting phase. I continued to support her even as she began to receive criticism from some of my friends and others who felt she had "crossed over" and forgotten her roots. They accused her of catering to an upper middle class society of white women. I called it an excellent marketing strategy. After all, those of us who had worked in the media industry know how difficult it can be to receive mass appeal because no matter how good you are, race always seems to come into play.

When the so-called non-fiction author James Frey duped the Talk Show Queen last October with his "fiction" book called "A Million Little Pieces" I was as angry as she was. How dare Frey set a bad example for the rest of us non-fiction writers in the world! And then Fifty Cent had the nerve to criticize her because she wouldn't invite him on her show. I could understand that so why didn't he?

But what I don't understand is why Oprah is continuing to ignore ME. I've sent her several copies of my book, "Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age" and I've been waiting for word as to when I'm going to be on her show. Unlike most books she picks, my book is geared specifically for her target market. It's the kind of book a woman needs as she prepares to enter a new phase of life called menopause. It's not filled with psycho-babble and words you have to look up in the dictionary in order to understand it. But what does she go and do? She chooses a book called "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. Apparently this author is somewhat of a recluse. A published report I read said he's only given two interviews in 40 years. Whatever!

OK Oprah, honey, this baby boomer diva has had enough of your snobbiness but I guess in all fairness to you "It ain't's menopause!"

Visit me at and purchase a copy of my book so you will know firsthand what Oprah is missing.


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