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When You Care Enough to Send For the Very Best

Hallmark Cards put its famous slogan into action this past Thursday when the Company invited seven (7) bloggers from around the country to attend the First Bloggers Conference.

“I” was one of the Super Seven chosen for this trailblazing event. Joining me were Stephanie Quilao, California; Elizabeth Thielke, Tennessee; Jerry Stearns, North Dakota; Dotsie Bregal, MD; Jeanette Fulda, IN and Sylvia Hall, MO. I’ll be telling you more about them and my impressions of them in a future blog.

How were we selected? Thru our blogging. That’s right! Hallmark Executives invited us to the one-day conference to get some feedback from those of us in the “cyberspace media.” We were selected for two reasons:

1) We have a visible online presence.
2) We’re writing about subject they’re interested in and we’re doing it in a non-offensive way.

Since I have several blogs, I was curious as to which one caught their eye. I would’ve guessed Boomerworld but they noticed Baby Boomer Talk & Other Stuff.

As a result, they rolled out the red carpet and gave us royal treatment. (Of course, being a Diva, I expected nothing less).

To try to tell you about the whole experience in one post is impossible so I’m going to break it up into a few posts over the coming days.

I want to thank all of you who gave me your thoughts and ideas to share. You’ll be happy to know I did exactly what you asked.

For those of you who want to know about the travel experience and what airline NOT to fly, please visit my other blog:

For those of you who want to participate in my “What Happened in Kansas City DOESN’T STAY in Kansas City” contest, click here: Contest. The first correct answer will win and receive some complimentary Hallmark Cards that you can give to your family and friends. (Bloggers who attended the conference are not eligible to participate---nor are any Hallmark employees).

Next time I'll introduce you to the bloggers.


Rhea said…
Hey, very cool. You impressed Hallmark.
BeverlyM said…
With literally hundreds of blogs that cater to boomers, I must admit I was surprised to be one of the ones singled out. I certainly would've picked a DIFFERENT "7" Stay tuned for that post.
Hey Beverly! It was really fantastic to meet you and be part of the first group of bloggers to be invited to the offices of Hallmark. I had the time of my life ;-) I can't wait to see your
Karen Obannon said…
I think it is absolutely wonderful that your blog got noticed by a well known company.
BeverlyM said…
Thanks Karen!

I call it "finding a needle in a haystack." But now I'm convinced that it can be done!
Debbie said…
You have been recognised for the creativity in your soul and it is highly contagious! You only need to look around the women who follow your I said before Bev, from the forum, and all those Blogs in between-BIGGER THAN BEN HUR! There is no stopping a woman filled with passion, look out world!!!!!!
BeverlyM said…
Diva Deb,

I guess you're right---there's just no stopping a baby boomer woman on the move and trying to make a difference. Thanks for your support!
Tina said…
Hi Bev—this is Tina, the Shoebox writer you met. I'm so late in saying this, but it was great to meet you! I hope you had a good time here in our lovely city—you are one funny lady. Will be checking in on your blog often!

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