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Change My Grandson Can Believe In

When I was growing up, my parents always told me I could be whatever I wanted. I always believed that inspite of living in a nation where the color of your skin plays more of a factor in your success than your knowledge and education.

I have passed on that same message to my daughter who, in spite of being a teenage mom, is striving to beat the odds by pursuing her college education in order to live out her goals and aspirations.

As a 51-year-old baby boomer, I never thought I would live to witness the events of November 4, 2008. That is the day the majority of America voted to elect the first African-American man as President of the United States. So now when I tell my grandson, who is as smart as a pistol and already wooing people with his charm and personality, that he can be anything he wants---I will say it with conviction. YES, HE CAN!

Thank you President-Elect Barack Obama and 51 percent of the American voters who gave my grandson the change he can believe in!


Anonymous said…

I was going to walk next door about 10:00 last night and have a big whooping celebration, but I thought better of it. Maybe we'll meet in the yard over the weekend

For now, whoop, whoop, whoop!!!!

Rhea said…
How incredibly exciting this is! Here in Boston we are buzzing over it. Long live the Obamas!!
Eileen Williams said…

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt message of hope for our country's future and that of your grandson. The highest ideals of our nation--equality for all (and that includes race, creed, gender, age, religious beliefs, abilities, disabilities, and country of origin among others) are truly becoming realized with the outcome of this election.
I am a big proponent of inclusion. The statue of liberty has broad and mighty arms. Let her embrace us all and gift each of her citizens with the dignity and opportunity they so richly deserve.
campaign watcher said…
Relevantly, as many influential experts and publications have repeatedly pointed out, Obama (and you, as a 51 yr old) are part of Generation Jones, born 1954-1965, between the Boomers and Xers.

Here's a recent 5 minute GenJones video which features many top pundits specifically talking about Obama's membership in Generation Jones:
Arlene said…
We must have had the same mother! The night was praise and prayers...cheers and tears for us in Illinois! We are so happy and so proud go give our Senator to all of you.
Beverly said…

I would've given anything to be in Chicago last night--but just witnessing history on TV was incredible!
PopArtDiva said…
Beverly - As I watched President Elect Obama late Tuesday night after he was declared the winner I got a surge of hope in my heart.

You know, I didn't expect to. Presidential campaigns always leave a bitter taste in my mouth towards politicians, BUT watching that man talk, seeing the kindness and sincerity in his face suddenly I felt the country might just have a good chance to repair itself!

And I just loved the First Lady Elect's dress and those two adorable little girls and the mentions of the puppy, lol.
Joyce Mason said…
I wished I could have been in my hometown of Chicago on the big night. I was just thrilled, and to see the tears in the eyes of so many black celebrities said it all. What an incredible moment! The balance has been tipped in favor of the principles on which the United States was founded--a safe haven of equality for all.
Karen O'Bannon said…
I believe all of our parents told us that, despite our color, we could be who we wanted to be. I don't think all of us really believed it...until now. I am so proud.
He is so cute in his Spider Man shirt!
We are also celebrating this momentous occasion. Now I can wait for the first woman president. Beverly for President!

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