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Take an Aids Test for College Extra Credit

College sure has changed a lot since I went more than 30 years ago. I recall earning extra credit in my political science class by going to see the movie Casa Blanca and then writing an analysis of the movie as it related to a topic given to the class by the instructor.

Well, it seems that in my college daughter’s Health Studies class the students have been given the opportunity to earn extra credit by going to their Student Health Services Center and taking an aids test. God forbid that some of those young people discover they have the deadly disease. But it doesn’t matter because they will still get extra credit.

So what has college come to when students are being coaxed into taking an aids test? And why would a health class be MANDATORY for all incoming freshmen?

What’s next? When she takes Economics will she have to come up with a bailout plan for Wall Street?


Teresa M said…

I love you because you TELL IT LIKE IT IS!

I do feel that this is stretching the reason for extra credit quite a bit too far. This is something that if your daughter or any person wishes to take an HIV/AIDS test, they should do it when and if they wish to take it. Not because they wish to get extra credit.

I love your comment about economics and bail out plan for Wall Street. But you know Beverly...she and the other students could probably come up with a plan that could fix the mess.

Talk with you soon!


Teresa Morrow
Eileen Williams said…
I agree with Teresa! You bring up some extremely thought provoking points in your blog and then "tell it like it is!"
The younger generation is dealing with so many things we never had to face and AIDS is one of the worst among them. I'm not sure how I feel about the extra credit offering. At that age, I remember feeling indestructible, so getting tested might be a cautionary wake up call. But, as you say, it would prove a horrible event for ones who have already contracted the dreaded disease. How sad for young people to have to face these kinds of things.
Extra Credit? I can see making it available or even mandatory to take the test; but it has nothing to do with their grades!
Vanessa Shelton said…
Some type of health class should be mandatory; and the opportunity to receive testing for HIV, other STD's and common but potentially deadly communicable diseases should not only be offered but strongly encouraged. Not for extra credit, but because it the right thing to do. Too many of our young people are dying from entirely preventable causes due to ignorance and misinformation.
ciara said…
taking aids test for ex credit is ridiculous. i think ppl who are sexually active should get tested in general, but not as part of a college course.

i had to take health when i moved to cali cos it's not required in nv for college. i felt like i was in hs all over again.

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