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So What Is This Baby Boomer Blog Really About

More often than not, I get emails from folks who are interested in being a guest blogger or offering something they think would be of value to my readers. Normally, I don't respond to them if I don't think it pertains to me but today I was feeling a little feisty and decided to challenge the recipient to the following email:

Baby Boomer Talk & other stuff
Ms. Beverly Mahone Blogger

Can we interest you in taking a look at this wonderful and unique pregnancy planner? The creator Pam (last name withheld) is also available for interviews.. She is a recognized professional organizer, has lots of really helpful ideas and advice, and is a great guest. If you'd like to receive a review copy, please verify your best street address and let us know how we can help you.

Paul (last name withheld), Publicist for Pam (last name withheld)

PREGNANCY PLANNER??? WHAT?! OK--so there is a picture of a little boy on my blog but he's my grandson and the blog header clearly states BABY BOOMER TALK and other stuff.

So here's what I wrote back:

You obviously haven't taken a look at my website because it has nothing to do with BABIES at all!

To which I received this response:

So sorry for the inconvenience. I work closely with media and try very hard to meet their needs.

You are absolutely correct. I didn’t look at your blog to see if it was a match, since over time I’ve learned that values and focus change so fast as publishers (yes even blog publishers) respond to what their audiences want and like. Basically targeting precisely sometimes is simply a bitch so I hope you can forgive me if we bring you something that’s not strictly in your desired area.

I bet he won't make that mistake again.


At least you received a response! I was actually a little surprised by that. It's interesting, though, I write what I like and I'm not sure I'd change my entire blog around to write what the audience wanted. If I were to do that, I would definitely still keep my blog for what I wanted and start another one.
Beverly said…
That's why I have different blogs for different subject matters. This is my personal blog. I'm guessing the title throws some people simply because of the word "baby" in it. Oh well, WHATEVER! :)

Thanks for stopping by.

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