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The Differences Between Sarah Palin's Daughter and Mine

I originally wrote much of this post in 2008, but it bears repeating with an UPDATE in light of Bristol's new found so-called celebrity status.

Let me start off by saying the one thing Bristol and my daughter share in common is the fact that they became teenage mothers.

Now the differences:


Bristol comes from a white privileged family, where her mother had a high profile as Governor of Alaska and then became the Republican nominee for Vice-President of the United States. She has three sisters and one brother. Her father is in the home.

Janie comes from a middle class black family where her dad was absent more than he was around. She is an only child. Her mother is a journalist, who left Corporate America because her boss never respected her role as a working mom. (long, unappreciated hours and no opportunity for advancement)


Bristol’s boyfriend is an 18 year old named Levi Johnson who described himself as an F----- redneck on his MySpace page before it was taken down. He also indicated he did not want children.

Janie’s boyfriend had a bright promising future as an actor or chef before he was murdered the day after Christmas for defending his little sister who was being harassed by a gang banger on a city bus.

Mother's Reaction to Pregnancy

Bristol has received very public support from her mother, who issued a statement saying her daughter was going to keep the baby and marry the baby’s daddy. The wedding date has yet to be announced. Sarah Palin is a staunch supporter of abstinence. How much she told her daughter about sex and having unprotected sex is unknown.

Janie hid her pregnancy for fear of how I would react and, rightfully, so. I was livid! Obviously, all those times I told her to keep her dress down and drawers up fell on deaf ears. I wanted my daughter to weigh all of her options because she had plans to go to college and we all know raising a child can seriously alter your plans.


Bristol’s future remains unclear, although her mother has assured the public the family will stand by Bristol and offer their undying support. One thing we know for sure is she will be a mother in a few months and married to her boyfriend. THAT NEVER HAPPENED.

Janie, meanwhile, is raising her son alone with the love and support of family members on both sides. She is also out to prove the naysayers wrong by pursuing her college education. She is currently enrolled at North Carolina A&T, while grandma takes on the role of Ma.

UPDATE: While Bristol is dancing with the stars and getting strong support from the Tea Party, my daughter is working on her junior year in college and getting strong support from her mother and step father. Bristol is using her mother's new found fame to carve out a piece for herself.

My daughter, meanwhile, has repeatedly said she wants to make her own way in the world and not hang onto my coattails. I respect that but, of course, I will do everything in my power to assist her because she's not dancing her way BLINDLY through life.


Pam Archer said…
I think that you are too emotionally connected to this situation to be objective about it.

Bristol has suffered a lot of shame and torture from an unforgiving public. One's political views do not have anything to do with what choices our children make when the lights are out.

Both of these young women were taught a high moral standard, but made choices which resulted in pregnancy. Young women are vulnerable when it comes to affection, regardless of who it is that is wooing them.

I disagree that Bristol is using her mother's fame. She was asked to be on the show, and she said yes. There's nothing wrong with that.

Each young woman is to be praised for taking a stand and doing something with her life.

To say that Bristol is dancing her way blindly through life is an unfair assessment. She is working hard to overcome public opinion of her. I hardly think she is doing anything blindly. She is well aware of her critics and naysayers.

As for Levi Johnson, would you want your daughter to marry such a low life idiot? I think not. Bristol lives alone, with her child. She has the support of her family, just as your daugther does. Would you have it any other way?

Black, white, or polka dot, my point is that we live in the land of equal opportunity.

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